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New Year - You Do You!

As the sun goes down on 2023 I wonder Do You Review Your Year and make New Year's Resolutions? Sitting here on New Year's Eve; a positive time or difficult time for you?

I wonder if the whole Review the Past Year/ New Years' Resolution thing is something we do/don't do during various seasons of life. Or maybe I've dipped out sometimes to save my sanity and it's nothing to do with age, more a reflection of the rollercoaster of life. Safe to say if you're reading this my overriding message is 'YOU DO YOU!'

For many years it was a given that I'd be reviewing what's happened the past 12 months and planning how the next is going to be bring more opportunities, more security, more experiences, better relationships, more self belief, MORE, MORE, MORE. Sometimes looking at that blank canvass of the next 366 (yes a leap year in 2024) is a positive thing, full of opportunities to improve our lives and selves.

If this is you right now planning some time to reflect at strategic moments throughout the year could really help you keep on track, and what could be better than a mini break in a romantic 1940's styled Shepherd's Hut? 😉

But there again, sometimes.... life throws its curveballs at you. Particularly if these come towards the end of the year it can be incredibly painful to look forward to a vast expanse of time with this dark cloud over you. Knowing that you will feel like you're wading through treacle each day, week, month. Focussing on that, is nothing less than harmful.

If the latter is you, please be kind to yourself. The only things you should be planning are activities that will boost you. Make a list of the things you ENJOY or have wanted to try. Plan time with those who you adore, who make you feel safe and loved.

If your wish list includes Hot tubs, log fires, toasted marshmallows, time with your loved one and glamping, then maybe book a stay at Esme's Escape Shepherd's hut where you'll be able to disconnect from the humdrum, get off the rollercoaster, enjoy some peace and quiet for a couple of days, reconnect with your partner.

Take good care of yourself

Karen x


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