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Who is Esme?

Esme was born on July 20th 1924 as Marion Esme Burns in Liverpool.  She was working as a book binder before she responded to the calls for women to join the land army in 1943  when she was posted to Haselbury Plucknett.  At the same time Fred, born Frederick Albert Jack Brister, came to Haselbury Plucknett to take over the dairy with his father and brother Bob for Alpin & Barrett.  Fred and Esme fell in love and married in Liverpool on January 27th 1951.   The newlyweds honeymooned in Ireland, travelling on Fred's motorbike.

Fred went on to become a cheesemaker in the village and later went into partnership with Mr Fred Baker and went on to become champion cheesemaker.  Fred and Esme had a son and daughter and during the late sixties built their family home where they were to live for the rest of their lives.  

Esme was a keen gardener and developed a large vegetable patch, and fruit cage as well as planting apple and pear trees in the orchard.  She also had a large solid fuel heated greenhouse. Rumour has it she did all the gardening single-handed until she physically couldn't manage it anymore.  Fred's homemade wines are legendary in Haselbury Plucknett; Esme gave a new neighbour a bottle as a welcome gift, but failed to warn them just how potent it was.  It wasn't until the neighbour thanked her and admitted to feeling particularly affected by the wine that Esme confessed that she 'only ever drank it with lemonade'.

When we asked her family for permission to name our Glamping Shepherd's Hut after Esme they said 'she'd be made up'. It's honestly felt like Esme has been sending positive omens to us the whole time.

You'll find out more about the area and what there is to do here on our plan your stay page

From the moment we arrived we felt so welcomed. All the little touches and the yummy goodies were tge icing on the cake to our magical holiday. The area is lovely and we had such a relaxing stay.

Dexter W March '22

Had the most relaxing stay, slept better than I have in years! Feeling beautifully refreshed.... Perfection 

Jen H, Jan '22

My hustband and I were very impressed with the whole set up, the attention to detail, and the finest of everything. The hot tub is truly amazing. 

We will be back.

Claire C, Dec '21

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