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Relax and Recline - self care in the form of a Glamping staycation

'Perfect to forget all your troubles for a while'

'Away from the rat race, we have recharged'

'A fab escape from our busy lives'

'A little piece of heaven when we needed it most'

'We really relaxed together counting our blessings'

'No matter what life throws at us this place is always able to make it all melt away'

'What a beautiful little haven to relax, unwind and forget about everyday life'

'Just what we needed to properly wind down and relax'

Just a few extracts of the comments in our guest book this summer. It would seem that staying in our 1940s love story inspired Shepherd’s Hut has provided some much needed headspace for the majority of our guests.

As we enter the Autumn months we find ourselves looking towards the colder days, the nights drawing in, frosty mornings which for many can bring on a low mood due to SAD (seasonal affective disorder). Perhaps this is why 'self care September' is a thing. It makes complete sense to take extra care of ourselves during a time of change and at this time of year the season is not the only big change for young people and their parents. Whether it's simply going back to school, into another year, or starting a new school, attending college or the biggest one, flying the nest for the first time to go to university. Someone once told me that parenting is a series of 'letting go's, which is pretty accurate when you look at the last sentence.

No matter what is going on in your life right now, do you need time out, time to recharge, to escape your busy life, get away from the rat race, to forget your troubles? Maybe sleeping in a super comfortable bed in our shepherds hut, soaking in our log fired hot tub, toasting marshmallows, stargazing by the chimnea is what the doctor ordered. If all you can manage is to meander from the bed to the hot tub, to the deckchairs and back again, you can do that here. If you need to walk in fields, orchards and coastal paths, or swim in the sea, paddle board, kayak, or simply to watch the waves crashing on the beach, you can do that from here too. The Jurassic coastline is just half an hours drive away. Visit our website for availability over the coming weeks. We'd love to welcome you and provide some mindful moments you'll treasure.

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