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8 Benefits of glamping with unlimited access to a Hot Tub

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

While I was waxing lyrical about how many of our guests LOVE our hot tub, a friend asked 'so what are the benefits?'. I could list a few off the top of my head but though maybe this deserved some research. Here are my findings:

1. Reduce muscle aches - It's pretty well known that a hot bath can ease those aching muscles. Being immersed up to our neck in warm water raises our body temperature which allows our blood vessels to open wide enabling the oxygen to reach each cell in our muscles. Each muscle relaxes completely thus reducing the tenderness.

2. Pain reduction in our joints - The weightlessness experienced while immersed in water can offer a welcome relief to our joints.

3. Lower blood pressure - Another benefit of those blood vessels widening is the reduction of the pressure within them. With more room for the blood to circulate around our body our blood pressure reduces for the duration of our core being warm.

4. Burn calories - Yes! You heard me. A study by Michael Mosely for the BBC revealed that around 140 calories are burned by soaking for an hour in 40 degree water. Just enough for a cheeky glass of

Relax and Recline

white wine which contains 154 calories.

5. Reduce glucose levels - YES! The same study revealed that 'post meal glucose levels' were 10% lower in people who had enjoyed an hour long soak in warm water.

6. Mindfulness - Thanks to the lack of light pollution in our village many of our guests remark on the number of stars in the sky, including shooting stars. There's something wonderfully emotional about taking in the moment; feeling the warm water on our skin, a slight breeze on our face and exploring the sky at night. The sheer number of the stars together with how tiny our own worries are to the universe. We are so often caught up in the drama of our own lives that taking a step back for an hour or so and gather some perspective can really help, or at least provide a momentary distraction.

7. Couple time - Ah the romance! With gadgets stowed safely away there are no distractions, just quality time with our loved one, our special other, life partner, soulmate, the one, or maybe just 'the one for now'. Whoever we choose to share our hot tub experience with is certainly someone we are happy to be with right now and they deserve our full attention, for an hour at least.

8. A good night's sleep - zzzzz! Oops, sorry! I was saying..... With all those dilated blood vessels, properly relaxed muscles, the mindfulness and quality time with our chosen one, the last item on the list of benefits is a wonderful night's sleep. Many of our guests say they sleep well on our superbly comfortable bed particularly after a soak in the log-fired hot tub.

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